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Joris Rood

19 July, 2019

When I used to tie my tea towel (I didn't like a apron) to my pants, it was é é hit once a month. The well-known management meeting in which the figures were discussed. Go through the percentages of the hours and purchase and then after an outlier in the coming weeks, you have to move across the floor as a small tyrant. Because; those percentages could go down again.
Even then I often thought to myself. Wouldn't it make more sense if we had these figures available sooner, instead of waiting for the accountant to get his affairs in order. Now, however, tracking the numbers back to a particular day was virtually impossible, so how did you know what to really look for. Fortunately, today there are many ways to see your personnel costs faster. This way you can enter your turnover in Eitje for some time and you have direct insight into the personnel costs incurred. However, this was always a manual action and ensured that it could never be viewed in real-time.


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