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Simone Mack

27 January, 2022

We noticed around us that the past period has been experienced as tough. After a time of applied flexibility, everything was closed quite rigorously. And to top it all off, the desired extra income from the holidays was also missed.

All in all, it was a time to quickly put it behind us and focus on the future! To properly support your preparation, we have put together a list for you with tips for reopening your business. Read this carefully to also discover where an egg can offer support.

Tip 1. Have a flexible work schedule for the coming period

It is a good idea to take a critical look at your planning for the coming period. You may be used to copying timetables as a template every time. Now, however, it is not useful to blindly copy a schedule from the past. Therefore, take a critical look at your roster for the coming period and the available team members. Of course it remains to be seen what happens in terms of crowds. We also understand that you don't want to work unnecessary hours and that's why you can easily adjust the shift type to: standby or until needed. By setting up your roster planning so flexibly, you fit in nicely with different scenarios and you don't have any stress about the roster and your occupation.

Tip 2. Communicate about all measures taken by the government

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to open the company without government restrictions to spread the Corona virus. It is therefore advisable to give all your team members a heads-up of all the rules that apply to the hospitality industry. Fortunately, egg can help you with that. You can easily create a message via the communication tool that will be visible to your entire team or to a specific team. The team members will then immediately see this message when they open the egg app, so that they can not miss it. For example, there is no room for confusion in the field of QR codes, mouth caps, hygiene and so on. So nice!

Tip 3. Update your administration in egg

Now that you have made a schedule again and working on the floor starts again, you will notice that egg will be opened frequently by your team members. A good time to get rid of your overdue administration in advance. This way you can start with a clean slate and focus on what's to come.

  • Have all outstanding leave requests been approved: You can easily review and approve all leave requests. For more information, see the following article about our leave registration.

  • What about the plus and minus hours per employee: There is a good chance that your team members have worked minus hours due to the lockdown. Simply check the balance for this period and, if necessary, write the NOW hours directly via our NOW tool. This way you have immediately registered how many hours are added for the NOW and the minus balance is also immediately eliminated. You can of course find this in the documentation about the plus and minus balance.

  • Have all the hours of all employees in the past weeks been approved: It is of course possible that you have overlooked some services. Then also check whether all hours have been properly approved. You can read more information about approving the hours in the following manual .

  • Do all employees still have the correct contract data: To ensure that all information about the hours worked is correct, it is important that you add the correct contract details. You can check this with your different team members. If you want some extra information about the contracts, it's best to take a look at the following article .

We understand you may have questions if you haven't addressed the above in a while. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Or just to say hi, we can always appreciate it 🙂

Tip 4. Proper training of your team members

In the meantime you may have welcomed some new faces in your team or have you a number of colleagues ’ s who haven't been with you that long? And what about the stored knowledge of your current team members?

If your company has been out of the running for a while, now is a good time to start using the Topics from eitje. This way you can efficiently ë nt convey information to all colleagues ’ s or different teams by creating a complete workout in minutes. You can then process this in a quiz to test the knowledge gained. For more explanation about the different possibilities of induction in egg, we would like to refer you to this previously published article .

For example, you can think of the following topics to cover:

  • Brush up on product knowledge: With the Topics of eitje you can easily add a PDF file with the most recent menu or drinks menu. At the same time, you can easily transfer information about the different ingredients via this tool ë nts used by both the bar and kitchen staff. Always handy to have a good ï have an informed team. And who knows what has changed since the last edition of the map in December 2020? You can share this in a common place via egg.

  • Make manual available digitally: Have you ever thought about adding your manual in a breeze? That way you have collected all the regulations in one place and you can tell your colleague ’ s refer to here. For example, about taking leave hours, or the history of your company. Via the Topics you can easily type/paste these or you can simply add a PDF file. This way, all this information can be found in a central place for your team members.

  • Give team members tools for selling: Everyone can guess that it has not been an easy time for the company. That is why the selling qualities of your team members are worth gold for the coming time and it is important that they are used. You can add an upsell training via Topics. For example, think of the piece of cake with the coffee, the specialty beer on tap and various side dishes with a meal. In this way you can radiate what the importance of this is for your business. You can also consider combining this with an element of competition between your team members. In this way you ensure that your team has the right knowledge and you can increase the turnover per employee.

  • New Year's resolutions and new goals: Since the case was closed, you didn't get the chance to share your New Year's resolutions with the team. That's a shame because the start of a new year is a good time for this. Enough reason to do this via a Topic in a breeze so that you can tell your colleague ’ s gearing up for a grandiose 2022!

Tip 5. Positive energy in the company

Running a catering business in 2022 demands a lot from a person and we can imagine that it is not has always been easy to keep up the spirits. Now that we are faced with a new opening of the catering industry, we therefore want to give you a lot of positive energy for the coming weeks. Let's leave the annoying period behind and focus on what really matters. Namely the experience of the catering industry with both the guests and all your team members. You will see that if you radiate this, your colleague ’ s is taken over and will provide a positive energy. Exactly what you can use in the near future.

We wish you lots of success!


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