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Joris Rood

05 October, 2020

Of course you could already chat with your teams in the app, but now it is also possible to send messages directly via the desktop.
Perhaps more importantly, we have also expanded the functionality enormously. You can now chat 1 on 1 with team members and start your own groups. This way you never have to reach for WhatsApp/Messenger or another chat solution to communicate with your team members.
We are very happy with the two different ways of use. For example, you can open the entire chat environment from the navigation, but to make it completely easy for you, you can now also open a small chat window directly from any screen. For example, you are also in contact with your team members during planning.
All in all, you finally have everything for you and your team members together in a breeze. The personal communication between team members can now take place without leaving our solution. In addition to the facilities already present for the training of new team members and your planning and time registration, we are one step closer to our ultimate goal, to make your life as easy as possible.


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