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Joris Rood

15 January, 2021

Team Members

Spring cleaning has been in full swing for quite some time. This way the team members page gets a complete makeover. Everything becomes faster, clearer, easier and above all much more personal. You will soon be able to set up the table of team members according to your own wishes, so that you see exactly the information that is important to you.


Our contracts module is currently a one-size-fits-all solution. Because every team has different wishes, we are now working on the most flexible contract structure you can imagine. Easily make changes and someone always works fixed hours, no problem - you can automatically write hours in the registration from the contract.


After launch the skills were an instant hit. That's why now a long-awaited version 2.0. This makes it even easier to manage the functions & skills of team members.
… why are we doing this?
In the past we were always busy adding completely new functionalities to make your work easier. In the meantime, a lot is possible in egg, but we may have even more ideas ë n how we can better match our features with your wishes. In the coming year you will therefore notice that we will make continuous improvements.
⚡️Everything so that you can work with egg even easier.


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