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Jurriaan Schrofer

10 March, 2020

Figures show that it is difficult to set up a catering business successfully. 10% of all new businesses close their doors every year. So how do you make sure you make it?
  1. The tips of 9 catering consultants
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Starting your own business: the 9 tips from consultants

Starting your own business is full of challenges, but luckily you are not the first. Many catering entrepreneurs preceded you and have valuable tips. Do you have an acquaintance who has already started a restaurant, lunchroom or cafe? Then ask this catering entrepreneur for his experience and advice!
In addition, it is wise to ask for advice from a catering consultant, but not all starting entrepreneurs immediately call in a professional. To help you on your way, we asked 9 catering consultants the following question:
“ What is your most important tip for starting catering entrepreneurs? ”

Useful links for hospitality entrepreneurs

I hope the tips from the hospitality consultants help you. But the last word has not yet been spoken, because starting your own business involves a lot of work.
Educate yourself well about starting your own business and about the common mistakes – for example with the   your new staff .
If you can no longer see the wood for the trees, you will find a   extensive step-by-step plan   to set up your own restaurant, lunchroom or café é † Isn't that enough? Then Misset Horeca will also give you   tips on starting your own catering business .

Who are we?

A few years ago we were still walking with a tray in hand. Joris saw that managing in the hospitality industry could be a lot easier than with excel sheets and a group on WhatsApp. The team information was spread across several programs ’ s and hard to find, so working at Café é Lennep, he came up with our big project:   egg .
Eitje is a team platform for the hospitality industry. With our all-in-one tool you can easily create schedules, register hours and communicate with your team. But that's just the beginning, as all our features will help you rock your hospitality business.
Are you curious about egg? Then I will be happy to give you an online demo or a free trial month.   Hit us up!

Do you have any tips for starting catering entrepreneurs?

I'd love to hear your tip about starting a restaurant, lunchroom or café é † Mail your wise advice for catering entrepreneurs to , I'll be happy to add it to this article.


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