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Joris Rood

20 March, 2020

This was also noticeable in the use of the communication functions in eitje. Never before have so many news items been sent in such a ’ in a short time frame!
However, after a few weeks of intelligent lockdown, we now face a completely new issue. As a catering entrepreneur, how do you deal with the 1.5 m economy? We hear through our group on Facebook   Horeca Takes Action   many pros and cons of entrepreneurs from the catering industry. É é In any case, one thing becomes very clear from this. In the coming weeks, the internal communication in your team will be even more important than before. A lot is going to change and it is up to you as a manager to include your team in this. Because you will largely work in smaller teams, you will see each other less and, just like last month, there will be a lot of digital communication.
When communicating the changes, it is important to remember the following points:
  1. Communicate not only the solution, but also the process:
    In this way, as Prime Minister of your case, you ensure broad acceptance of the new situation.
  2. Keep everybody in the loop:
    Your solution is almost never in é é Once completely perfect, so you will probably have to make adjustments. Also share these experiences to ensure that you include everyone in the developments.
  3. Ensure accessibility:
    Team members will not quickly look up where the information was again. Therefore, bundle the information on é é a place that everyone can easily find.
  4. Don't just send:
    In times of change it is also important to listen. This way you get valuable input and maybe there is even someone with a genius idea that you hadn't thought of yourself.
  5. Raise the team spirit:
    The closing potions are unfortunately gone, but nothing brings together more than a good crisis. You can simply look each other up digitally. For example, consider a news item in a breeze with a specific question that anyone can answer. Or organize an internal pub quiz with questions about the business and your team members.

How egg helps with your internal communication

Now we planned to do a major release of our app at the end of March. We had been working on this for months and it was a brand new version with many improvements and functions. Unfortunately, towards the end of March, we received a message that disrupted our plans. Our chat supplier emailed that they were going to stop using this service and that they would shut down all servers in 30 days. Now we were suddenly faced with an extra challenge. We saw that the effects of the coronavirus create more need ë We wanted to focus on the communicative side of our solution, but it seemed that we had to go through life without a chat function.
Fortunately, we decided to delay the release a bit and work very hard to take our chat functionality to the next level, where you can message your team members without problems and packed with extra features. We are working on the very last tests and will release them sometime this week. For example, in the new app you have many more chat functions than before, it all works a lot more pleasantly and we are already working hard behind the scenes to add even more functionality to our chat solution.
Because our old supplier no longer exists, we had to develop the chat experience from scratch. This will ensure that team members who do not update the app to the new version will no longer receive or send messages. Also, all old messages from the chat groups will be gone, so you start with a clean slate.   It is therefore very important that everyone update their app to the new version as soon as it is released.
For questions about the upcoming release, I can of course be reached personally as always on 06 1479 6841, otherwise we are of course always ready for you through our usual support channels.
It only remains for me to wish you a lot of success through this channel with the coming period and we hope, partly due to these developments, the connection between you and your colleague ’ s to further intensify. Because only together will everyone eventually be able to overcome this crisis with their heads held high and stronger than ever.
High five✋


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