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Jurriaan Schrofer

29 April, 2022

An hour registration app saves you a lot of time

Every industry has its own specific requirements when it comes to HR processes and the hospitality industry is no exception. A time registration app for the hospitality industry has become an indispensable tool. Because hotels, restaurants and event organizers need a way to keep track of staff timesheets. The management of absence and leave is also a task that takes a lot of time. By using an automated system, administrators can spend more time with their staff while providing good service to paying customers.
A time tracking app with a clock in and out function and a system for requesting days off saves managers a lot of time. Moreover, with a time registration app they have all the important HR matters of the employees on é é one place. We go further into why a time registration app is indispensable and what the advantages are for a catering company.

Timesheet Excel is outdated

We still see many companies keep an Excel timesheet of the hours worked by employees. This is not much different from the decades-old way where managers kept time records by simply using pen and paper, or using a timestamp machine. We all know the old movies where the employees are waiting in line to clock in. The world has changed and using an app to track hours worked is much more common and efficient ë nter.
The time-consuming and laborious task of an Excel time registration has become superfluous. A time registration application is a much simpler and more efficient ë Better way to get all the data on é é in one place and automate processes. So that you and your staff can spend time on the real work that needs to be done.

What is an hour registration app for the hospitality industry?

A time tracking app for the hospitality industry is a tool used to track the attendance and hours worked of the employees. In addition to simple functions for registering staff arrival & departure times and viewing time registrations, the best time tracking app includes the following functions:
  • Compliance with working time laws, leave and holidays.
  • The ability to review and approve hours worked per employee.
  • Synchronize timesheets to monthly reporting.
  • Payroll support.
  • Create work schedules.
  • View attendance in real time.
  • Communication tool with your team.
  • Ability to swap shifts when employees are unable to complete their scheduled shift.

How an app helps hospitality managers

Hospitality managers, or as they are often called in the hospitality industry, floor managers, usually struggle to find of the right time registration catering tool. Saving time and streamlining internal processes is essential ë the need for managers. Time is precious in the hospitality industry. Also, managers and employees should be focused on customer satisfaction, not paperwork. Automating processes is a real solution for both the employee and the catering manager.
A good hospitality time tracking app helps business owners schedule the right number of servers, chefs or bar staff. As well as predicting how many staff they will need based on demand. In addition, the work schedules are sent to the team members. An hour registration app, such as eitje, also helps hospitality managers to ensure that they comply with labor regulations, so that employees take sufficient breaks, do not exceed their maximum number of hours and receive the correct leave entitlements.

Useful functions in the time registration app

In addition to time registration, the app can also be used to request holidays and vacations. Employees can enter their requests via the employee app with a few simple clicks. Managers easily approve leave requests via the time registration app. With the handy team calendar function, employees can also view available days, co ö dining and communicating with their colleagues, as well as planning their absence and holidays accordingly. Employee leave is also automatically synchronized with the calendar and you can see all absences and upcoming holidays in é é view at a glance. All these useful functions save a lot of time. Both for the catering manager and the staff.

Importance of time registration ZZP

The time registration ZZP employees is important for both a 0-hour and flexible contract. Applications such as Time Tracking App include additional features that help managers create employee work schedules and compare hours worked with expected working hours. This app helps hospitality business owners and HR manage duty rosters and monitor who has completed their work hours. You can even add notes in the app. In addition, document management, detailed reporting and payroll are incredibly useful features to help streamline processes.
The tool makes it easier to track individual employee hours, view timesheets and individual shifts on a daily basis. As well as easy overtime to check and pay. This is especially important for time registration ZZP, where every hour worked is paid out. In connection with the compensation, it is important to know whether the hours worked were worked on regular days, in the evening or on public holidays. This information can then be used for cost calculation and payment to the ZZP ’ there.

Benefits of time registration app in the hospitality industry

Benefits of using a time registration app in the hospitality industry include:
  • Monitor how your staff spends their time.
  • Save time processing timesheets for monthly payroll.
  • Ensures compliance with labor laws.
  • Prevents micro-management.
  • Improves the employee experience.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improves communication between employees.
  • Simplifies processes for both managers and staff.
  • Makes it easier to meet employee availability and preferences.
  • Prevents incorrect registrations of hours worked (exact time registration).
  • Accurate overview of labor costs.
  • You gain more insight into business operations.

Try time registration for free with eitje

Do you want to try the app from egg time registration for free? This can be done very easily via the trial version of Register on the website for a free trial of time registration and experience the benefits of all the useful functions. The time registration app from eitje is user-friendly for both managers and employees, is rich in functions and makes life a lot easier for everyone involved. Get rid of the cumbersome Excel timesheets that are time-consuming and incomplete. After all, satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers!


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