Decide who sees what

Decide for each post which teams or venues should see the messages to prevent unnecessarily full timelines.

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Eitje dashboard preview
Eitje dashboard preview

Send reminders for unread messages

Send reminders with a push notification for team members that have not yet read a post.

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Thanks to Eitje we can stay connected with everyone at our hotels and use the app as a central communication tool.

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Damy Sistermans

People & Culture Officer - Zien Group

Customer Support

Personal support within 1 minute.

Our support team is always ready to help you. This way you’ll never get stuck and you can provide input for the software.

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Chat while making schedules

With the chat pop-up function you can message your team while working in Eitje. This way you can easily connect with the right people.

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Connect group chats with teams

Make automatic group chats for teams, so all team members have access to their channels right away.

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With Eitje, we create our own work environment for all our delivery personnel. Our planning and communication with the team all happen through Eitje, and fortunately, no longer through WhatsApp.

John Martens

Director of Operations - Doorb

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Events in your news feed

Share events directly on your team members’ timelines and check who will be present.

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Make polls and listen to your team’s input

Add a poll to a post and let team members share their thoughts.

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Birthday reminders

Get a notification when it’s almost someone’s birthday,

Push notifications

Receive a notification every time there’s a new post.


Team members let you know if they’ll be at an event.

Media & files

Share photos, videos and polls with each other.


Team members can vote on polls.

Share manuals

Share manuals directly in the news feed of your team.

Filter news

Precisely define which messages you want to view.


Save posts as a draft and continue editing later.

Schedule publication

Define when a post will be shared with the team.

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