Control of your hours

Your recipe for easy timesheets

Consult your timesheets whenever you want. With Eitje you can easily access your administration online.

🍳 helps more than 30.000 team members with their planning and timesheets

Track hours online

Not on a paper behind the counter, but directly in the app or by letting your staff clock in, so you can immediately push the hours into your timesheets.

Approve hours

Quick and convenient. Prevent getting stuck at the office by approving hours with just one click.

Insight into labour costs

By correctly tracking all the worked hours, you get a better insight into the labour costs.

Export your hours

You are an entrepreneur, not an accountant. Link Eitje with your payroll and push your hours effortlessly.

Leave registration

Our one-stop shop helps you to keep things simple. Request, approve and track leave – all within Eitje.