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Knowledge center in mobile Eitje app

With the mobile app your team always has the relevant manuals, trainings and protocols on hand.

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The accessibility and helpfulness is a major advantage of Eitje. It's incredibly practical because we can share the schedule, news, and all knowledge on one platform. Perfect!

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Marly Verbaandert

Office & HR Manager - Dinner in Motion

Automate the onboarding of your staff

With Eitje you can decide when a training automatically starts for new team members. This way, your onboarding process can be completely automated!

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Assign skills to team members

Track per team members which skills they have obtained. Decide which skill is visible on the schedule so managers always know who can do what.

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Write and edit your own manuals

With Eitje you can write manuals your wat. Add images, video’s and links to complete your documents.

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Customer Support

Personal support within 1 minute.

Our support team is always ready to help you. This way you’ll never get stuck and you can provide input for the software.

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Upload existing PDFs as manuals

Save time by uploading the PDFs you already have. This way you won’t have to re-write your manuals.

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Eitje dashboard preview
Eitje dashboard preview

View results from trainings

See who has completed the training and what they scored. Push the training again for team members that haven’t started yet.

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End date training

Decide until which date a training can be followed.


Follow your own training as if you are a team member.

Manual as a message

Share a manual directly on your team’s timeline.


Work on manuals until they are ready to be published.

Combine manuals

Combine manuals and quizzes using a theme.


Decide who gets to see which manuals.


Pin your favorite manuals in the knowledge center.


Add video’s to complete your manuals.


Add images to your manuals for the complete experience.

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