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The best and easiest way to manage your non-desk employees. Scheduling, communication
and the training of teammembers, eitje has everything for your team in one solution.

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We ❤️ to help teams with their scheduling and time registration


Save time with a time-clock

Instead of teammembers manually putting in their hours, you could make your life even easier by setting up your own time-clock.


Direct feedback on your economics

No more waiting on the accountant to provide you your numbers. By integrating your POS system, we immediately provide insight into your results at any time of the day. This way you will have time to make adjustments based on your financial results.

See how other teams work with eitje

We bring everything togeher for your non-desk employees, but how does this actually work for teams? That's why we set out and asked those teams to talk about their experiences and what excites them about working with eitje.


Stadscafe van Mechelen

To receive better answers from your colleagues, start by asking better questions.



Create more sincere interactions by enabling your teammembers to be themselves.


Amsterdam Brewboys

Hospitality management is just like a grocerie business. It's all in the details.

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Employee scheduling app

By working with eitje all of your employees automatically have access to our comprehensive online scheduling app. This means: no more sharing photos our spreadsheets. Simply all of your schedules online and up-to-date in our app

Up to date schedules

Your employees might go on holiday, get sick or want to trade shifts. Previously, this would ruin your schedule, but not in eitje. With eitje, employees show their availability and can trade shifts themselves — your schedule updates automatically.

Schedule with availability

Outside of work, your team members have busy lives that can be hard to keep track of. Eitje offers you insight into the availability of your team, so that you can effortlessly schedule your staff.


eitje helps you easily organise and notify your staff for upcoming meetings and events. Simple invite some or all of your team to an event, then keep track of their attendance all within in the one app.

Group chats

Great teams stay connected. Use our group chats feature to communicate with your staff, whether it’s the chefs about a menu or bartenders about your stock running low.

Labor and productivity

Keeping an eye on your labor expenses is vital to controlling a business’ bottom line, particularly in the hospitality industry. Use eitje to review your daily revenue, labor costs and productivity to keep your costs in check.

Sales records

Sync your sales records from your POS with eitje to predict daily revenue and help best schedule your staff.

Online manuals

Onboarding new staff is both important and intensive. Ease the process by using our onboarding system, which walks your employees through quizzes and how-to’s. Don’t forget to add an online manuals with in-depth information, so that everyone stays informed.

Schedule with hours

Some of your employees might have a permanent contract which you need to consider whilst scheduling your staff. Our planning software keeps track of your employees’ scheduled time, required time and time balance.

Time tracking

Tracking the worked hours is the basis of your time registration. Many teams are still doing this manually on a piece of paper or spreadsheet. With the time tracking software of eitje your team members update their hours in our platform and the only thing you need to do is the approval of the inserted hours.

Approving hours

Do your employees track their own hours? Within eitje your staff can track and enter their own hours, then all that’s left is for management to easily review and approve shifts all at once. You can also customise which managers are able to do this.

Time clock app

Don’t track time on a piece of paper. Instead, use our time clock app for android and iOS. The app syncs with your HR system and payroll, so that you don’t waste time on needless administration.

Schedule notifications

So many variables can influence your business on short notice — weather, amount of reservations and even last minute bookings. Eitje enables you to notify your team of changes so that everyone stays up to date.

Unpublished shifts

Scheduling a large team can feel like piecing together a jigsaw. That’s why with eitje managers can take their time planning staff, and then publishing the schedule afterwards.

Tracking leave

Keep your time tracking clear and concise, by letting employees request leave within eitje. Managers can review all requests in a single place and keep track of the employees’ leave balances.

Sick days

Tracking sick-days is important to your HRM and payslips. Easily declare an employee’s sick days to process them into your payroll.


View your staff’s contracts and get notified when a contract is expiring soon. If you use the HR software by Nmbrs you can automatically load all your contracts into eitje.


eitje isn’t just another planning tool. Get a newsfeed for your team to update them on important notices, upcoming events and operation changes – such as a new menu or a change in opening times.

Onboarding quizzes

Helping your new staff settle in and get up to speed can be challenging. Most manuals are long, complicated and easily forgotten. Instead use our interactive quizzes to make onboarding fun and engaging.

Training schedules

Train your staff effectively by setting up a training course. Add quizzes and online manuals to create a learning path for your staff, which you can track at all times, to give valuable feedback and increase performance.


Some messages are fun, however others are important. Track who has read your announcements and send a reminder to those who haven’t.


When onboarding a new team member it's much easier when you’ll know his skills. That's why you can monitor and manage everyone’s skillsets. You can even combine skills to create a function and show this on the schedule.

One-on-one messaging

eitje loves teams, but sometimes you just need to take care of something one-on-one. Just open a chat with your colleague and really bring all of your companies communication inside one platform.

Event sign-ups

Events come in different shapes and sizes. So sometimes you want to know how many team members will be present at your training. Easily create a event through a newsitem and your teammembers can sign-up to your event.