Everything that your team needs

From planning to time registration - Eitje is the all-in-one solution for your team.


Planning has never been this easy.

  • An online schedule that is always up-to-date
  • Share updates through push notifications
  • Quickly create schedules with templates
  • Plannings based on skills and contracts
  • Predictions of the labour costs and productivity

Time tracking

Keep your administration easy and convenient.

  • Insight into the hours worked
  • Approve hours with a single click
  • Keep track of leave requests
  • Review statistics of your revenue
  • Sync Eitje with your payroll

"Every week we save valuable time because of the way in which employees insert their preferences and as a result enable our managers to create their timetables much faster."

Geoffrey Weideman ~ Brouwerij Troost

Trade shifts

Team members can swap shifts themselves, you only have to approve it.

  • Share open shifts and let your team sign up
  • Your team members can swap shifts themselves
  • Let a manager approve the swapped shifts
  • Swap shifts based on team and function


Make your new team members feel at home right away.

  • Your online manuals are always accessible
  • Online training schedules and quizzes
  • Monitor your team’s skills and functions
  • Track progress and results

"Where I used to be annoyed by a day full of scheduling, Eitje takes care of this in an hour. Besides that, I never have to send emails anymore, all information is easily accessible in the app for everyone."

Fabian van der Post ~ De Blaauwe Kamer


All communication in one tool.

  • A social platform for your team
  • Create group chats for your team
  • Check who has read your announcements
  • Send reminders for important information

Time clock

Let your team members clock in through a tablet at work.

  • No startup costs
  • Direct insight into the attendance
  • No more forgotten hours
  • Hours are automatically registered

"Eitje finally gives us the tools to reach and engage everyone in our team."

Louanne Bunt ~ Fabergroep


Manage the availability and make scheduling even easier.

  • Let team members submit their availability
  • Set a maximum for non-availability
  • Check availability while making the schedule
  • Create availability templates


Easily track team members' skills and have insight into their capabilities.

  • Monitor the skills of your team members
  • Schedule based on functions
  • Training courses for every team member
  • Standardise your onboarding protocol

There is more

Try Eitje for free to explore all features:
  • Manage contracts
  • Track sick days
  • Plan events
  • Sync your calendar
  • Easily manage multiple locations
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Integrations with other software
  • More features are added on a regular basis...